Ebmeier Engineering, LLC: Forensic Engineering

Ebmeier Engineering has extensive experience in evaluating the current condition of existing structures.  When repairs are necessary, our firm prides itself in providing practical design solutions. 

Forensic Services include:

  • Structural Review, Testing, and Consultation
  • Concrete Silo Reinforcement Investigations and Repair Design
  • Failure of Concrete Silos due to Explosions and Unanticipated Cracking
  • Yielding or Failure of Steel Structures
  • Mechanical Investigations and Laboratory Analysis due to Fires, Explosions, and Weather Associated Losses.
  • Structural Repair Design

Concrete Silo Repairs.  Our firm routinely performs on-site visual observations of concrete storage structures and includes recommendations for repair in engineering reports.  Collaborations with contractors in the field can make Ebmeier Engineering a one stop solution to your silo problem.

Steel Tank Investigations. Ebmeier Engineering has experience in analyzing corrugated, welded, and bolted steel tanks.  Our firm has also provided design solutions to problems dealing with existing steel tank foundations and unloading tunnels.

is now offered by Ebmeier Engineering:

is now offered by Ebmeier Engineering.Benefits of a Reinforcing Steel Logging Analysis:
The purpose of the engineering study is to determine the existing reinforcing steel in concrete silos and determine current structural adequacy. This information will allow us to investigate the structural integrity of each silo logged and will identify any locations where detrimental yielding is occurring.  Completion of this analysis leads to fact-based decision making about the necessity of silo repairs.

The secondary benefit of logging reinforcing steel is the efficiency of liner design when a silo does require strengthening.  Gunite liners can be designed specific to a particular bin in both height and location. Also, the required steel reinforcement in the liner can be reduced by taking into account existing reinforcing steel placement. An efficient liner design translates into significant construction cost savings.

Materials and Methods:
Ebmeier Engineering, LLC uses an eddy current sensor instrument to locate reinforcing bars in concrete silo walls.  The instrument rolls along the height of the silo walls and records continuous data that is analyzed using software developed by Ebmeier Engineering.  The final analysis compares the existing reinforcement present in the silo walls to that specified for construction and required by the design application.

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